Brow Code Stain Hybrid Dye Collection Box includes Harvest Brown, Brooklyn Brown, Perfecto Brown and Dark Roast

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Stain Hybrid Dye Instructions 22/03/2022 148KB download

Extra-Long-Lasting and Richly Pigmented Hybrid Dye
Brow Code’s Stain Hybrid Dye has been developed to leave a mark on the Professional Brow Industry. This hybrid brow product is an innovative formula that achieves extra-long-lasting results.

Before Brow Staining
Important Note: Complete a patch test prior to staining the eyebrows.

Step 1: Shake the Hybrid Dye Bottle well before use

Step 2: Remove all eye makeup before staining the eyebrows.

Step 3: In order to achieve the optimum staining results, the eyebrows should be dry and free of all oils and sebum as this can create a barrier against all Brow Code Hybrid Dyes and it will not adhere to the surface layer of the skin or the hair.


Preparation of Brow Stain
Mix the Hybrid Dye and Cream Oxidant into a creamy paste using an application stick or brush. The mixing ratio is generally 4 drops of Hybrid Dye with 2 drops of Oxidant.


Staining Brows
Step 1: When the client has closed their eyes, apply Hybrid Dye to the eyebrows working with care and precision to ensure a clean result.

Step 2: Ensure the Hybrid Dye is directly placed in the shape you are wanting to achieve as it will immediately begin to stain the skin.

Step 3: Application times vary 5-12 minutes depending on the desired intensity and results. We recommend a total time of 10 minutes, however, please watch the dye closely to see how the colour is processing. For the best result try removing the front of the brow after a few minutes for an ombre effect.


Stain Removal
Step 1: At the end of the developing time ensure the Hybrid Dye is wet by retouching with some of the mixture. Remove excess Hybrid Dye with a dry cotton tip, blending from the front of the brow to the tail being careful not to smudge outside the brow. Remove any remaining Hybrid Dye with a slightly damp cotton pad wiping from the front of the brow to the tail. Be careful not to use a scrubbing motion.

 Step 2: As the Brow Code Hybrid Dye is richly pigmented and processes quickly, we recommend using a dry cotton tip to clean up the edges of the brow as you apply, ensuring nothing stains outside the lines.


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