Elleebana Flex Rods - Combo Pack 4 Pairs

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Product Code: ELL1345


How are these rods like the current Elleebana rods?  

  • We have stayed with our identifiable rod colour of orange.  Not since the days of the old traditional perming rods have we had a rod or shield that wasn’t our identifiable colour of orange we have been deliberate with this choice.  The colour is eye catching – and in a world of customers scrolling through social media, you need something that catches their eye.  It is also the colour for adventure and social communications.  The colour orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red but with the cheerfulness of yellow.  
  • They little beauties also have the similar C curl Curvature that offers a voluptuous sexy curl to clients lashes that our current rods offer. 


  • Storage and cleaning is the same and yes, these too will stain if you tint lashes while they are still wrapped around them. 


  • Our tree tool sizing guide is still appropriate for sizing up these rods. 

Also what is different with the new Elleebana flex rods is that there is a rod for each eye.  Meaning a Left and a right side – this is clearly identified by the markings on the outer and inner sides of the rod where it lists the following:


SR R – Small Rod, Right side

SR L– Small Rod, Left side

MR R – Medium Rod, Right side

MR L – Medium Rod, Left side

LR R – Large Rod, Right side

LR L – Large Rod, Left side

XLR R – Extra Large Rod, Right side

XLR L – Extra Large Rod, Left side

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