Ocean Road White Smoothing Body Scrub 200mL

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Brand: CARON

Product Code: CL14OREDWBS200

Tags: gift

White: Corrective Hand Wash
This nourishing wash uses Australian Tropical Fruits to rejuvenate the skin and help correct the skin
tone. The luxurious, aromatic formula gently cleanses and purifies your hands, while the active
ingredients work to revitalise the appearance of the skin.
Active Ingredient: Australian Tropical Fruits
This hand wash is formulated with antioxidant-rich Australian tropical fruits, such as mango, papaya
and pineapple. Because these fruits are packed with antioxidants, applying them topically means your
skin can reap these benefits – such as pollution protection and anti-aging. These fruits also promote
skin healing and collagen formation, all while providing a burst of hydration to the skin.
• Formulated with Australian fruits, such as mango, papaya and pineapple
• Provides long-lasting hydration, pollution protection and anti-aging properties to the skin
• Made with active ingredients that are ethically sourced and provided by nature


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