Purus Autoclave-12 Ltr CLASS B SeriesII with internal Printer

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Brand: PURUS

Product Code: PURUS.12L.II


Purus recognizes the importance of quality, reliability, and value for money.

Our range of autoclaves brings easy-to-use functionality, contemporary styling, technical quality, and the reassurance of warranty protection and service support.

This means that your business can ensure the highest quality of sterilization standards which you and your clients deserve.

12 Litre B class

  • European standard, with 3 times pre and drying vacuum
  • Sterilizing Temp 121°c 134°c
  • Residual humidity is <0.2% vacuum measurement reaches -0.70bar.
  • Sterilizes:
  • miscellaneous packed or unpacked solid or hollow items
  • porous items
  • efficiently removes air from every hollow area of any instrument.  Ensuring full sterilization.
  • TGA approved ARTG 222444
  • Conformance to:
  • prEN 10360/2/4
  • Australian standard AS/NZ 4815-2006
  • CE compliant
  • Total compliance for your sterilization needs
  • Latest design steam generator
  • Fuzzy computer control technology
  • Large LCD Display
  • Internal printer
  • USB capabilities

Product Description

Chamber Size

Ÿ Diameter - 190mm

Ÿ Depth - 340mm

External dimensions

Ÿ 54cm D x 37cm W x 36cm H





  • Simply plug in and use – self-installed by customer
  • Bowie Dick and Leak test Installed
  • Accessories supplied:
  • chamber rack
  • 3 trays
  • door spanner
  • tray tool
  • spare door seal
  • level
  • USB


  • Autoclave Calibration / Validation to be completed annually by an Authorised Service Technician
  • Quality and cost effective service supported by warranty
  • Repair and Maintenance agreements available
  • No hidden upkeep service requirements


  • 2 year warranty on Autoclave

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